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Wide A'RAY - LHS Wet Paint Players

wotromboneMay. 21st, 2006 01:04 am Wide A'RAY

I went and Saw 42nd Street at Thetford and It was pretty good. A Few Tuning Issues but did not detract from the overall performance. I actually visited with the Cast i knew more during Intermission that After wards because In order to get to the guys bathroom You had to go underneath and that the cast’s hangout place. And So I saw First Alex So I said Hi and then Chris Came and then Mollie( I hope I used the right Spelling) and Then Roseanne( I hope I used the Right Spelling) it was a good time then I had to go back up and they had to leave seeing as Act II was About too start. Afterwards I saw them too but not for as long because they had to leave to go home or to do various things. So It was good I sawe them at intermission. in One Scene The Ensemble runs out the Back of the House and I saw Chris and We Made Eye Contact But he Gave Me A Weird look. later I found out it was because Instead of Full Beard I had the Little Cylinder/gotea thing. And He Was thinking Do I know this person. And Then Also During intermission In the Beginning I said Hi Ti Fluffy And She gave me a Weird Look And Said Hi. On Both accounts f the Weird Looks, Chris and Fluffy, I thought I had offended them Some how. i was wrong I only looked Different. But Alex Knew Better, And She saw me For Clif and Not a Clif imitator. Well Afterwards We went to Ben and Jerry’s in Hanover. It was lots of Fun. merideth and Zach Were both Working , at the Same time It was pretty awesome. And I discovered thatIt would be kinda easy to rob it if only untill the next day when Others found Out. Liz then Came and We all Had a Good time. ohH ya Umm Luke Brought me To the Show and Elizabeth and jesse and Emily and Sannie(sp?) and Kaylyn(sp?). Aaron was also At the Show, and Nick. It was good. I miss NCCT Folk. they are Life Force. More so than teh TriForce. Well i geuss I am going to stp rambling Now. Well Good’Night All *Insert Good Night Sweetheart(Barbershop)(Fading)* Clif

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